Polaroid OneStep 2: Instant Camera is known to us


Polaroid was a sensation, at that time, in the 70s, and still today a reason discreetly nostalgic. But you do not have to go back to old-fashioned models, because with the OneStep 2 the classic model comes back in very similar form again and here you will have to grab the films a bit deeper into the bag.

The OneStep 2 itself costs 119 € and comes in two colors (white and gray), the films (i-type) cost 15.99 €, whether b / w or colored and have 8 photos. Would you like to enumerate how many megapixels, which ISO range, what other features the OneStep 2 may have, but of course, this is absurd. After all, we know the development of a photo takes with the new i-Type film only 10 minutes. Nostalgia!



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