The Super Retina Display Problemchen

There are good reasons to find this stuff in the screen uplifting stuff in the new iPhone X somehow silly. That’s enough of web pages that can get strange bars in the cross-section, because the official layout is cut off on both sides, to videos that just have to live with a black spot, if you really see the whole “Super Retina Display” would like to use. Also the name is already absurd, because in the past, Retina Display had a particularly high pixel density, with 458ppi the iPhone X compared to other flag ships but rather under-ppi-t. Designers are already a bit disturbed by this individual decision.

Or they have a lot of fun with it, because for those who want to get used to it now, how YouTube videos actually look on the absolutely immersive super OLED of the iPhone X, there is now already a Chrome extension, which simulates this. YouTube calls Notch Fashion themselves and makes every video a lappy futuristic pleasure. And in addition, synonymous still, that videos are rarely (strictly never) in a format, the Apple with its screen here presented and so in addition to the bump synonymous with every video you want to see completely, Extrabalken. Top and bottom, or right and left. Sometimes probably both, because at 21: 9, for example, where the flap is also added on both sides (see picture above from this video).

In general, Apple is not quite alone with the move away from a standard screen size like 16: 9. This applies to the S8 all so-called fullscreen smartphones. For the S8, for example, 18.5: 9, for the iPhone X 19.488: 9, if Apple’s resolution, 2436 x 1125, the “Notch” involves. Ie somewhere always something must be calculated or accounted for. LG has since 2: 1 at least still the solution, which at least House Of Cards, one of the few series, which were shot in this Univisium format correctly, without giving lots of pixels to Screen Bezel or simply cut away marginal details. However, with the iPhone X multiplies this problem thanks to the bump again.

If the future is really only to be desired that the more flexible app developers do not introduce this bump also for all iPhones, which have none. A creative handling of the bump is, however, not expressly desired by Apple, ie funny ideas like this one, we will probably be spared.

And in the end, of course, against all these problems around the #notchgate help the tips, which one as long-time iPhone users already know already.



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