Google’s new pixel smartphones arrive on October 4th

Three weeks ago, we had heard rumors that the new pixel smartphones should come on October 5, now it is officially October 4, as the Landingpage of Google says. Near enough.

A lot is known about the upcoming pixels 2 and pixels 2 XL. Snapdragon 835 processor, IP68, Android Oreo and for the larger a FullScreen 18: 9 display as well as pushable frames, no headphone connection more and no dual cameras.

But what exactly next-time upgrades will be the real killerfeature of the upcoming pixel smartphones is so far not clear and the competition has presented with a lot of flag ships this year very strongly. Since an advertising campaign for the launch was sighted with the saying “Ask more of your phone”, you can guess that Google will equip the assistant with more functionality to match the start of the new pixels. But even this should not be an all-time feature in the end.



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