Bethesda: Wolfenstein 2 and Doom are coming to the switch

Bethesda: Wolfenstein 2 und Doom kommen auf die Switch

An unannounced game was to be presented this year, Bethesda announced a few days ago. Hopes of the continuation of a big brand or even a completely new game have now smashed: The project is a Doom (test), which will appear like Wolfenstein 2 for Nintendo’s Switch.

In the last issue of Nintendo Direct (24: 39-26: 21), Bethesda dropped the curtain: the shooter will appear on the console in time for Christmas. Because of the performance of the switch compared to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the switch is expected to be broken with resolution and detail level; Information on the technology, however, has not been developed.

Engadget, however, was able to find out that only the single player part of the shooter matches the game module of the retail version. The online part must also be downloaded, but with the exception of the deleted snap-map map editor, it is fully available, including all DLCs and updates.

Also within the scope of the direct broadcast was announced that the upcoming Wolfenstein 2 is also ported to the switch (test). There the game is not released on October 27, but only 2018. The first title, which appears from Bethesda’s portfolio for the console, will thus be the old-fashioned Skyrim: The rolling game is already on the 17th November in the dealer shelves. This makes it stand out that the support of this Nintendo console by independent publishers again better than the WiiU.



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