Price increase: Apple makes AppleCare + and iPhone repairs more expensive

Price increase: Apple makes AppleCare + and iPhone repairs more expensive

A few days after the introduction of iPhone X and iPhone 8 (Plus), Apple has announced new, higher prices for the iPhone repair via its support pages. Not only are the new models affected. AppleCare + also has to pay more for the new and old devices than before.

Apple is once again fixing the price: after the Apple Store has been upgraded, the prices of several iPad Pros have been adjusted upwards, now a price increase for the various repairs of several iPhone models as well as price adjustments up for AppleCare +, which extends the guarantee.

AppleCare + is a warranty extension from Apple, which extends the iPhone in Germany usual warranty from one year to two years and covers two repairs in case of accidental damage. Free of charge, the repair is not, however, Apple still requires service fees of 29 euros (display) and 99 euros (other damages) for the repair.

Affected devices are from the iPhone 6s Plus

The AppleCare + price increase affects all the iPhone-Plus models that Apple currently offers in the store. These are the iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus and now the iPhone 8 Plus. For these models, Apple has raised the price of AppleCare + from 149 euros to 169 euros. AppleCare + for the iPhone X has been added as a new offer and by far the most expensive: 229 euros required Apple for it.

Even without AppleCare + iPhones can be repaired at Apple, the prices are however significantly higher. With the conversion that has now taken place, prices are also higher. The adaptation applies here for all iPhone models from the 6s, thus, in addition to the plus variants also for the devices with smaller display. The prices for other damages has not increased Apple, but at the iPhone 7 Plus the price even reduced by 10 euros and brought in line with the small iPhone 8. The prices for repairs of the iPhone X outside of AppleCare + has not yet released Apple. These should be measured against AppleCare + but once again higher than with all other models.

Prices for battery performance remain stable

Within the warranty period or within the validity of AppleCare +, a battery service is still free of charge for Apple. This applies to all iPhone models. The price for a battery service outside the warranty remains the same as 89 euros. Because Apple may charge a shipping fee of 12.10 euros when the iPhone has to be sent for the battery service, a different support document on problems with the iPhone battery or power supply is called a minimum price of 101.10 euros.



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