AGCOM wants to sanction fixed-line operators for 4 weeks, but mobile ones?

The Communications Guarantee Authority (AGCOM) is ready to sanction Vodafone , TIM , Wind Tre and Fastweb operators for maintaining the tariff every 4/8 weeks despite the March resolution; this ordered them to return to the “classic” monthly fee.

The procedure concerns fixed telephony bills, convergent bids (fixed telephone / mobile Internet), and the renewal of commercial offers: due to the rate every 4/8 weeks, customers are actually charged to pay a “monthly” more every year.

The Authority’s aim is to ensure maximum transparency and price comparability, allowing the consumer to control prices and consumption. AGCOM sends in this way, albeit indirectly, a signal to Sky : the well-known television platform has already announced the switch to the tariff every 4 weeks, which will be valid from October; the risk is to infect other markets and constitute a “dangerous” domino effect – just what you want to avoid.

The operators filed an appeal with Tar against the March resolution filed with Asstel’s associa- tion of category: they argue, inter alia, that they have guaranteed transparency and that the measure would violate the freedom of enterprise transforming prices into top-rated rates.

And the mobile industry ? These measures only concern landline operators and combined promotions, so nothing to do, we will have to continue, without surprises, to pay our mobile offer every 4 weeks.



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