Cubot X18 ,the first device of Cubot to use virtual keys

It can be said that Cubot X18 is a turning point of Cubot products, the first device to feature with 18: 9 high screen to body display, it has the split-screen mode, simultaneously it’s the first time to take the virtual keys instead of the previous touchable keys. What advantage does this virtual key have?

1)Save space, improve the screen ratio
The Virtual keys will throw away the forehead and the chin of the phone, which can improve the screen ratio, make the proportion more balanced, it makes the screen seem much bigger while the size hasn’t changed. And video watchers and game lovers will like it when they are watching video or playing games.

2)Prevent mistakenly touching
When using the smart phone, it will be mistakenly touching and cause exit your current operation. virtual keys will avoid this problem. especially when you are playing games and watching video in horizontal screen,the virtual button will completely hide.

3) More flexible to use
When you use the physical touchable keys, you ‘ll press a little harder than using the virtual keys. While you tip the keys ,it will be more flexible and convenient to back and forth between different interfaces, it runs more smoothly.



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