There are 26 HACK.DEVELOPERS, one in Silicon Valley in San Francisco

There are 26 HACK.DEVELOPERS, one in Silicon Valley in San Francisco

The first of the six Hack.Developers presentation meetups took place in Milan last few days, during which the 26 hackathon venues that will involve developers on the major PA projects hosted on the Developers Italia platform, the presented community from the Digital Transformation Team in collaboration with AgID – Digital Agencies Agency – announced at Codemotion last March 24 to design and implement Italian digital public services.

After the initial greetings by Roberta Cocco, Councilor for Digital Transformation of the City of Milan, and Gianluca Varisco’s presentation on the projects that the Team for Digital Transformation is carrying on, Mara Marzocchi, co-founder of Codemotion, and Giovanni Bajo, Head of Relations with Developers have presented in detail the hackathon. 

On 7 and 8 October 2017, the Digital Transformation Team – in collaboration with Codemotion and with the support of Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Oracle, Red Hat, Intesa Sanpaolo, TIM and DXC – organizes  the largest Italian hackathon , which will involve 26 cities (including a home in San Francisco) and about 80 tech community and developers all over the country.

The aim of the challenge is to gather, for 48 hours and across Italy, hundreds of software developers, IT engineers, IT security experts and university students to meet the needs of the Italian Public Administration digitalization process we are asking to address:  reboot the country’s operating system . About 800 participants are expected  .

On the site   you can now register for all venues of the event, which will be held  in 16 Italian regions  and, thanks to a foreign delegation,  also in San Francisco, California.

Mara Marzocchi, co-founder of Codemotion, is excited with the result of the Call 4 Hosts just ended: “The amount of nominations received to host the hackathon by the local community has been well above the expectations of the organizers, and are therefore confirmed  a total of 26 seats , of which one foreign. “

The  5 direct venues  for the event are  Rome, Milan, Turin, Florence and Bari. Other cities in which software developer communities will meet for 2 days of code are:  Ancona, Biella, Cagliari, Camerino, Campobasso, Catania, Cosenza, Genoa, L’Aquila, Lecce, Naples, Padua, Palermo, Pisa, Reggio Emilia, Rimini, Salerno, Trapani, Trento, Venice  and  San Francisco .

After the Codemotion event in Rome, where we presented our Developers Community,  ” said Giovanni Bajo, Team Developer Relations for Digital Transformation Team, ”   community building has now begun, and we have been enthusiastically welcomed the idea of ​​Codemotion organizing a widespread hackathon across the country to involve developers, going to meet them in their cities. We believe in this initiative that will help to increase our participation on our platform.

Challenges will be closely linked to the individual projects and technologies that the Digital Team is focusing on. The projects are hosted on the Developers.Italia platform, the open-source community for Public Administration developers. During a  code sprint, developers are called upon to make their own contribution to individual projects. The  challenges  will be numerous and of different difficulty: from the resolution of a small bug in a public portal, the creation of complex features already envisaged in the individual project roadmap, or the prototyping of new components to be created from scratch. The code that will be made during the hackathon will have to be released with an open source license , so that it is available to the entire community. What will be achieved will help the PA to integrate more efficiently the technologies needed to digitize Italy.

Below you can find some examples of challenges ahead for developers. The complete list is constantly updated and includes projects such as SPID – Public Identity Digital System, ANPR – National Resident Population Register, DAF – Data Analitycs Framework, DAF – Dataportal, DAT – Public Data (New Data , Security, Design and Challenges will be updated day after day on the site until the date of the event.

To present and promote this hackathon – a true unprecedented code marathon in our country – representatives of the Digital Team and Codemotion will be on tour on national territory to meet local development tech community and local press. The appointments in September will be in Naples on the 12th, in Turin on the 14th, in Florence on the 15th, in Bari on the 18th and closing in Rome on 19 September.



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