DJI unveils its Mavic Pro Platinum

It was at the IFA last week that DJI unveiled a new version of its Mavic drone, the Mavic Pro Platinum.

Comprising all the technological advances and features of the Mavic Pro, this new version offers an 11% gain in flight time which allows it to reach 30 minutes and a noise reduction of 60%. Increased flight time and less noisy operation are possible via new electronic speed controllers (ESC) and propellers with a redesigned design, which are also compatible with the Mavic Pro. To differentiate, the Mavic Pro Platinum is platinum-colored.

As a reminder, this drone includes a camera equipped with a stabilization system, 4K, Flight Autonomy technology that detects obstacles up to 15 m ahead and with a range of 7 km. The Mavic Pro Platinum will be available at the end of September starting from 1299 euros.



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