This is what happens when you buy your mobile phone online

Shopping in the world today is mostly online, but in some areas, some consumers are still a bit afraid to search for the desired product on the Internet. Since uncertainties can be best avoided with information, this guide is intended to show what is important in the online mobile phone purchase.

Mobile phone purchase with and without contract renewal

The prices in the online mobile phone shop must be read carefully. This is the most important tip for all those looking for a smartphone online. The decisive factor here is whether only the device is to be acquired, or whether a new mobile phone may be selected as part of a contract extension. Often it is a matter of the inner attitude that speaks for or against the conclusion of a new contract. These points are to be observed:

The existing contract The new contract The advantages of the existing contract should be written down via list procedures:

  • costs per month
  • Tariff with or without smartphone
  • Services included (telephone, SMS, internet)
  • Costs for telephone, SMS, Internet

Basically, the continuation of a contract is simple, because who does not announce, the provider is preserved.

Whoever can cite these reasons may be thinking of a new treaty:

  • Dissatisfaction with the provider
  • Dissatisfaction with the network coverage
  • Interest in a new machine
  • Dissatisfaction with price-performance ratio

A reputable online shop shows which purchase price the price refers to. Anyone who signs a new contract often has particularly favorable options to get a new mobile phone on top. Depending on the model, the additional payment can be only one euro. Anyone wishing to extend their contract will often receive smartphone offers that fit the contract volume. Those who conclude a particularly extensive contract can sometimes expect even more favorable mobile phone conditions.

Transparent tariff selection ensures accurate offers

In the shop under, which was recently awarded the “Trusted Shop” seal, the target group can be found quickly in the corresponding shop division. The contract partner of the Telekom not only offers tariffs for young and old, but also offers tariffs for second cards, special data tariffs and tariffs in the prepaid variant. If you want to keep the option open, not only the mobile phone contract, but also fixed telephone, Internet, television and Smarthome from only one provider to refer to this provider also. Many online shops work according to the target group principle. Ultimately, however, the shop ambience itself determines the extent to which the customer is encouraged to stay. At this point, shopping is hardly different from the real store.

Security is important for online shopping

Comprehensive customer protection is particularly important to customers today. As a clear sign that this protection is guaranteed, the “e” has become established, the so-called “Trusted Shops”. The seal of approval promises comprehensive buyer protection

  • automatically on every purchase,
  • automatically on every purchase,
  • in case of non-delivery and
  • regardless of the type of payment.

Further well-known quality seals are the TÜV seal, the data protection seal and the EHI seal. In addition, the Federal Office for Safety in Information Technology issues these safety instructions at
The biggest danger is the so-called “phishing”. In this process, criminals use passwords or credit card data to use them for their own purposes. A secure password is the key word in the network. In addition, encryption techniques help securely transfer data. When verifying the dealer, the supplier’s identification, the general terms and conditions, as well as information on data protection, data security, right of revocation, return and refund are at least as important as information on shipping and payment procedures.

Tip for the hardware choice: use filter functions of the providers and study tests

Some mobile phone shops make it easy for consumers. Firstly, the parameters necessary to determine the technical preferences are first queried. The consumer decides which of these points is important:

  • Battery life
  • operating system
  • Display and keyboard: size, equipment, colors
  • Camera: quality, data formats, specials, light
  • Musik: via Radio, via MP3-Player
  • Navigations-Software
  • Memory capacity: internal memory, expandable memory
  • Transmission options: Bluetooth, infrared, USB

If you want to remain faithful to a particular smartphone manufacturer, you can of course also search directly for it and then only then set the technical parameters via exclusion principle. When buying a mobile phone, the same principle applies as when buying a car: There are rarely perfect solutions, because mobile phones are produced in series and not as individual production. Accordingly, it is easier to prioritize the technical parameters. Also, the result of a consumption test can decide which device is ultimately selected. The Stiftung Warentest ( has tested some devices thoroughly.




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