iOS 11 starts on September 19th for the following iPhones and tablets

iOS 11 AppleiOS 1 Launch of the final version – While the new Apple smartphones, iPhone 8 (Plus) and the iPhone X have already been pre-installed from the iOS 11 factory on Tuesday, the new operating system for all compatible Apple models will be launched on September 19th , This gives owners of older Apple devices iOS 11 something earlier. The iPhone 8 (Plus) will be available from September 22nd and the iPhone X from November 3rd.

iOS 11 will start on September 19th

The new iPhone 8 (Plus) can be pre-ordered from 15 September, the delivery will be from 22 September. The iPhone X can be pre-ordered from October 27th. A sales start is planned for November 3.

Already on 19 September, Apple will unroll the final version of iOS 11 for all compatible smartphones and tablets. So owners of older models get the new iOS version somewhat earlier.

These iPhone models are compatible with iOS 11

By means of OTA (Over-the-Air) or via iTunes, iOS 11 can be updated as an update to the compatible devices. iOS 11 is usable on the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 (Plus), iPhone SE and iPhone 7 (Plus). Also on the Apple tablets iPad Air (2), iPad Mini 2- 4, iPad Pro in all versions and iPad (2017) can be updated. Apple is promoting the “most advanced mobile operating system in the world”.

Apple has optimized the App Store for iOS 11. Some features of iOS 11 are a non-spoofing mode for cars, a new control center and some new camera effects. Among other things, the camera can now read QR codes. The “Files” app allows you to access local files and secured documents for cloud providers. Medium drag and drop support makes the iPad a full-fledged notebook alternative. Apple’s Safari iOS 11 page-wide advertising tracking.



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