Caution: Fake Amazon mails with gift vouchers

© WoGi - Fotolia.comCounterfeit Amazon Emails – At the moment, fake Amazon emails make the round, which offer a gift voucher and ask for the personal login data. Instead of the voucher, however, an account transfer and unauthorized orders are waving.

Counterfeit Amazon emails

In the mailboxes of numerous Amazon customers are currently fake emails in the name of the mail order company, which try to lure unwary users on the ice. In the text of the mail an Amazon gift voucher is offered, which can be redeemed through a link.

Instead of Amazon, however, this leads to a fake website , which imitates the Internet presence of the online merchant deceptively genuine. On this, the login window was simulated and should be animated to enter the personal data and log in. The target URL is, among others, and the like.

Beware of fake emails

Imprudent users logging on to the fake site will give the fraudsters their access credentials. With these, third parties can now buy at the expense of the account owner or take over the account . The promised voucher does not exist and is only used to lure customers into the trap.

The fake emails are designed differently professionally. Usually, however, they fall through bad German, incorrect translations and crude grammar. The destination link and the destination URL do not lead to, but to a fake page with deviating web addresses.

In addition, it should be noted that Amazon itself does not organize a lottery with gift vouchers.

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