Ringo Mobile is in trouble, SIMs do not arrive: they wait for four month peaks

4 months to receive Ringo Mobile SIM. Worrying expectations, which certainly do not stand in favor of the image of a company that had invested heavily on the image, and to realize it is enough to observe the care taken in the creation of the website.

So many spots and little substance, this is the judgment of the facts. Those who had ordered a SIM card on the virtual store’s online store await reception for months, with peaks of four. And it’s not just free words or “infamies” because it’s all documented by order copies.


Ringo Mobile “confesses” on its website a system problem

The most worrying fact is that in the last period Ringo Mobile has undergone a tremendous turnaround, on the one hand witnessed by the closure of the five single-store stores, on the other hand the total impossibility of contacting the company: the number dedicated to the assistance – 350.5999212 – Refuses incoming calls, while the chat on the site rarely gives you an answer.

Clients abandoned waiting for a SIM whose arrival at the moment has no date. The great promotional work launched by the operator since its 2015 debut debut, which had invested in the customization of ATMs 90 and 91 as well as on the pages of some Italian magazines, was not followed by the respect of the commitments made.

Signals, Ringo Mobile’s second year of life, do not converge on a quick and positive resolution of the moment of impasse. We’ll be at the door.



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