DxOMark updates tests to evaluate smartphone cameras

For many years, DxOMark’s staff has been regarded by fans as one of the main landmarks for evaluating the goodness of a smartphone’s photographic department.

However, as many manufacturers continue to strive to implement new features in their smartphones, DxOMark tests have begun to overlook some of the “great” software that users love.

For this reason, DxOMark’s staff announced that they have “upgraded” their test (which was completed in 2012) so that you can consider the new “special effects” studied by many smartphone makers.

In particular, the new DxOMark test focuses on three new features: zoom, bokeh effect and performance under difficult light conditions.

Among the other novelties of the DxOMark test, there are shooting speeds, shaky effect, increased attention to HDR support, video stabilization, and adaptation to changes in ambient light.

To help users understand better how the new test works, the Webzine team will try out some of the most popular smartphones again.



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