Series 3: Apple introduces new Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 3: with LTE and music streaming

The Apple keynote in Cupertino is launched, and the first theme is Apple Watch, according to Tim Cook meanwhile the most popular watch worldwide. The Apple Watch is to receive even more fitness features, as soon as watchOS 4 is released. These features were already announced in the summer.

The pulse can be displayed with watchOS 4 directly on the dial, combined with further information about the pumping heart. If this is a little too fast and you are not at the workout, the clock automatically announces itself. The heart rhythm is now also observed and analyzed. The data collected on the Smartwatch are first aggregated in a large-scale study.

watchOS 4 will be released on September 19th.

The new features of the Smartwatch: Series 3 will be especially fun. The watch has already been suspected of being mobile, as can be reached via the regular number of its iPhones. IMessage is also supported. Apple Music can also be streamed through the new Apple Watch. This feature will be available from October – with all the features the service provides anyway. The antennas for the mobile phone plug in the display, the SIM card is already integrated as e-SIM into the clock. Apple could keep the dimensions of the watch: Series 3 is just as big as the still current version Series 2. In a first demonstration in Cupertino surprised the audio quality, the phone call reaches a female employee who is on a surfboard in the middle of a lake. In terms of microphones, Apple seems to have invested a lot. It is still unclear at the moment how these calls are billed, and whether one needs a multi-sim for it. The partner in Germany is Telekom.

Inside the new watch is a dual-core processor. It makes not only the mobile connection possible, also Siri can now speak on the clock and not only with text reply.

Pre-orders Apple accepts from 15 September. In the US, the clock with mobile phone costs 400 dollars, without this feature the price is 330 dollars. The mobile version is only available in some countries.

The prices of the new Series 3 Apple Watch in Germany start at 369 € without LTE and 449 € with LTE, the larger version in 42mm is each 30 € more expensive. If you put on a stainless steel case, not aluminum, probably only the option with LTE, which then costs 649 €.

A special Hermes Apple Watch is available only so and here at least € 1.299 are due.

The new watch will be available from September 22nd.



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