Apple Special Event 2017: Apple TV 4K (UPDATE: Prices for Germany)

Apple TV 4K

Apple has introduced the latest version of Apple TV. Apple TV 4 is said to have two key technologies: 4K and HDR. So far this agrees with the leaked information.

4K means more pixels, HDR more beautiful pixels with clearer contrasts and more vibrant colors.

In the Apple TV 4K, the A10X chip hits 4 times faster GPU. Who waits for HDR / 4K titles, can at least experience the UI of tvOS in 4K. But Apple is working with film companies to show more 4K / HDR content. Anyone who has purchased movies will automatically be upgraded to the better version when they are converted. 4K / HDR films are also supposed to cost just as much (much!) As other content.

Several new regional TV providers and live sports providers are brought into the program. Information is provided in the tvOS interface to relevant live games. There is a new Sports-Tab with adapted functions for sports fans.

In between, one must also say: restrained applause.

If you want to benefit from 4K / HDR and the new Fusion chip A10x: Game fans, who now have to rely on 4K / HDR games. And anyway: new games that are controlled with the Apple Remote.

The new Apple TV 4K costs 149 dollars and is available from 22 September.

The new Apple TV with 4K costs in Germany 199 Euro (32 GB), or 219 Euro (64 GB) and comes here also on 22 September in the commercial. The still current version is only available with 32 GB and costs 159 Euro.



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