Apple introduces iPhone X

The iPhone X is there: No home button, but more touch gestures. Borderless screen, dual camera … Leak reader does not surprise this. But: It looks great. Glass front and rear, lightning down, steel frame, left the volume and mute buttons. And it is pronounced: iPhone Ten.

Price: With installment payment 1.149 Euro for the version with 64 Gigabyte, 1.319 Euro for the version with 256 Gigabyte (website). It is available in silver and space gray.

The new screen is a super retina display with 458 PPI and 5.8 inch diagonal and of course: OLED. That means: more contrasts, higher resolution, thinner. Can HDR10, DolbyVision, 3D Touch and True Tone.

Details: The iPhone X wakes up through a screen touch, the status bar above is separated by the camera recess. Links the time, right battery, wireless and mobile connection quality.

Instead of a Homebuttons, there is now a new gesture: from the bottom of the device upwards wipe and one is Home.

Unlock now works with FaceID. Face detection unlocks the iPhone. This is possible through the True Depth Camera System with 3D sensor and various other camera / lighting techniques to capture 3D images of a face.

In the iPhone, the Bionic Engine is also installed to make machine learning things in hardware on the device. She also learns how to change the look of her users and how to adjust her face, hairstyle or facial. The Bionic Engine should not be over-navigable with photos and masks.

Facial data is secured in the Secure Enclave and is only processed on the device and not in a data center. FaceID is also more secure than TouchID – fingerprints are not particularly unique …

FaceID works with Apple Pay and third-party apps. Instead of passwords, there is a facial image.

Also this is already known from the Leaks: By face recognition, 3D Emojis can be animated with their own face and sent with a voice message as iMessage. And yes, also the Emoji-Kackhaufen.

In the Livedemo, Craig Federighi shows how photos fill the entire front. Looks great, especially in the landscape mode.

And new: Switching apps is now about a horizontal wiping at the bottom of the device. Good!

The cameras
Dual camera with 2 times 12 MP, f / 1.8 and f / 2.4. Both cameras have an optical image stabilization, the true-tone flash is better with twice as even illumination – says Apple. Portrait mode is also there, of course, with the new software lighting functions. And that goes thanks to the True Depth Camera with the Selfie camera.

A11 Bionic has 4 + 2 cores (4 for power, 2 for energy saving) and the battery still holds 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7.

Of course, iPhone X can also be wirelessly charged, for example with charging devices from third-party suppliers (which are quite cheap). But Apple has its own idea: a charging pad for all i devices that can be wirelessly charged, for example the Apple Watch Series 3 or the AirPods with the new wireless charger housing. Apple calls the AirPower.

iPhone X will give it with 64 or 256 GB of memory. The cheapest version costs $ 999 and will be available on November 3rd – when it can be delivered. That’s what has always been the case in the past. The future has to wait sometimes.




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