Hydrogen One : l’screen holographic unfolds

The Hydrogen One, the first smartphone of the manufacturer of high-definition cameras RED, is a sacred client. The device’s robust design will photo sensors and video that will be worthy of the builder.

But what struck the imagination, it is the presence of a 5.7-inch screen holographic. An oddity at first, which recalls the famous “3D screen” of the deceased Fire Phone of Amazon. Additional details have emerged these last hours on this component unique. RED has signed an exclusive partnership with the company Leia, the main (and only ?) solutions provider of holographic displays.

A great technology with content

RED has invested in this start-up founded in 2014 by ex-HP. The technology that it develops allows for the display of objects in relief on a flat screen, objects that follow the movements of the device and of the user. The effect – without the need for glasses – is striking as we can see in the video below.

This allows you for example to display a map in 3D in which you can navigate between the buildings. Leia also promises that it is possible to interact with the objects with finger gestures. In addition, the presence of a layer of nanostructures in the LCD screen does not affect the quality of the slab, the autonomy or the thickness of the smartphone, still provides the company.

The youtubeur Marques Brownlee has taken it in hand prototypes of the Hydrogen One, and he had been impressed by the screen during the demonstration. Here’s another one, filmed in the month of may (of course, it is quite wrong account for the 3D effect, but you get the idea) :

#LIGHTFIELD classic #videogames at #DisplayWeek17. Thanks @LeiaInc pic.twitter.com/jLxOGqiH93

— FoVI3D (@3D_FoVi) may 25, 2017


The technology looks good, now all that remains is to have the content to display. Leia and RED work on the subject, and the first users of the Hydrogen One will be able to play games, use e-mail as appropriate or even experiences of mixed reality. The smartphone will be available in the first half of 2018, at a price of around 1.200 $.



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