Samsung: Foldable smartphone is to come to the market in 2018

Samsung: Faltbares Smartphone soll 2018 auf den Markt kommen

Time and again there are Samsung concepts for foldable smartphones to see, as a buyable product has been implemented so far but none of them. In the coming year, however, such a product is to be launched. D.J. Koh, head of Samsung’s smartphone division, as opposed to The Korea Herald.

Koh, whose predecessor J.K. Shin at the beginning of 2015, the presentation of the Galaxy Note 8 (test) showed the way to the foldable smartphone.

Samsung’s foldable smartphone is supposed to be presented as part of the Galaxy-S or Galaxy note series. Currently, there are still a few technical hurdles to take, the device should come to market when it is really fully operational, Koh told The Korea Herald. Samsung plans to go this step in the coming year.

It is the first time that Samsung has become public to the plans of launching a foldable smartphone extremely. That Samsung is working on such a device is no secret. The company’s display division has repeatedly shown prototypes of suitable OLED displays for several years.



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