Apple: iPhone 8 comes with A11 Bionic and 4K60 camera

Apple: iPhone 8 kommt mit A11 Bionic und 4K60-Kamera

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, Apple’s new smartphones for the crowd. Unlike the new iPhone X with OLED display, Apple here renounces a design revolution and presents instead a further development of the iPhone 7. The powerful hardware from A11 bionic chip and new camera, however, share all three devices.

IPS displays in the formats 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches with usually wide edges adorn the front of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. This clearly separates the new smartphones for the mass from the exclusive iPhone X, whose OLED panel occupies the entire front of the phone. However, there is also news on this display. A true-tone display, which automatically adapts to ambient light, is now available. Such a display was used for the first time in the iPad Pro with 9.7 inch.

Because Apple has made a gentle evolution of the previous series for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, there is enough space below the display to maintain the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The new iPhone X, on the other hand, is unlocked by Face scanner Face ID.

New camera with portrait lighting and 4K at 60 FPS

This does not remain all up to date, but is visible when looking at the back of the iPhone 8. Apple again distinguishes between plus model and the normal variant, by only the larger of the two can wear the dual camera. The optical image stabilizer has been carrying both devices since the last generation. New sensors with 12 megapixels offer both devices, the optics has changed with f / 1.8 on the main camera but nothing. In the iPhone 8 Plus is again a telephoto with f / 2.8. Apple still promises a better image quality, which has been achieved with larger pixels and new color filters.

Specially designed for the iPhone 8 Plus, there is a portrait lighting mode, which allows the lighting to be adjusted to the photographed object. Apple does not speak of filters, but emphasizes the depth of the image taken by the iPhone and the resulting changes to the subject. Using a rotary wheel in the camera app, you can select the way in which the photographed person is to be illuminated.

In the video mode, there are two adjustments: Recording in slow motion is now possible in Full HD with 240 FPS, previously, this was maximally possible in 720p. In addition, 4K recordings can now be made with 60 FPS instead of a maximum of 30 FPS. 60 FPS were limited to 1080p so far. For the processing of data is an Apple-developed video encoder in the A11 Bionic.

The new camera has also been optimized for the use of applications for augmented reality. Apple speaks of a special calibration for AR apps, adjustments for poor light conditions and maintaining 60 FPS, a new gyroscope and accelerometer. The movement tracking is to be more precise than hitherto possible.

New Apple chip A11 Bionic with its own GPU

In the new iPhone 8, Apple’s chip A11 Bionic has been designed to drive. This consists of six cores: two high-performance cores and four low-power cores. Apple is talking about 25 percent more power on the HP cores than the A10 Fusion and 70 percent more power on the efficient cores. The core management assumes a 70 percent faster acting performance controller of the second generation. In the SoC is Apple’s first self-developed GPU after the separation of Imagination Technologies, which works 30 percent faster than the A10 Fusion GPU and consumes half as much energy with the same power. The new chip is composed of 4.3 billion transistors.

Cordless shop

The iPhone 8 (Plus) is the first Apple smartphone that supports wireless charging and officially recharged by cable. Apple uses the Qi standard for Wireless Charging, so that many manufacturers’ accessories can be used. The back of the new iPhones now consists of glass for this feature.

Available from September 22nd

Apple offers the iPhone 8 (Plus) in memory configurations of 64 GB and 256 GB. The iPhone 8 can be pre-ordered from September 9th from 699 US dollars. The iPhone 8 Plus costs from 799 USD and can be pre-ordered from the same day. Delivery and general availability are planned as of September 22nd. Black, silver and gold are available as colors.



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