Apple iOS 11: Update on September 19 for iPhone and iPad with 64 Bit

Apple iOS 11: Update on September 19 for iPhone and iPad with 64 Bit

The free update to iOS 11 will be released on September 19th. This has been announced by Apple. Since June, Apple had tested the new software for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with ten public beta versions. The unofficially released Golden Master had revealed many details on the new iPhones at the weekend.

iOS 11 for devices with 64-bit SoC

Apple provides the free update on iOS 11 to all users with iPhone, iPad or iPod with 64-bit processor available. Compared to iOS 10, only the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5c based on it, as well as the 4th generation iPad are out of the list. The iPhone 5 with Apple A6 as well as the iPad 4th generation with Apple A6X are both still from the year 2012, the iPhone 5c as iPhone 5 in the plastic wall from the year 2013.

SoCs and 32-bit apps fly out

With iOS, not only the 32-bit SoC devices are left behind, but applications without 64-bit code are also obsolete. Already since iOS 10, when calling 32-bit applications, Apple sporadically pointed out that the app could run slowly and must be reworked by the developer. The user could then call them anyway. With iOS 11, the end is denied: the start is denied, an emulation does not take place.

64 bit was introduced with the Apple A7 in the iPhone 5s and iOS 7 in the year 2013. Apple has the change from 32 to 64 bit thus accomplished within only four years.

The main innovations at a glance

Many new features of iOS 11 are aimed at iPhone and iPad, including the new control center, which restores all functions on one page and whose content can be adapted by the user.

A great step for the iPhone. A giant for the iPad.

Apple over iOS 11

Special attention is paid to multi-tasking on the iPad (Pro): For the first time, up to three applications and an overlay video can be displayed in parallel on the screen, and drag’n’drop content can be transferred from one application to the other. Even multiple content like a dozen photos can be moved from application to application. Users should keep an overview with the mission control, which is known from macOS, which shows all open applications and windows in an overview.

Among the most revised apps are the App Store, Messages, Apple Music, Maps and News on iOS 11. The Apple App Store has a completely new design with a daily view. Here, Apple lists the most important new releases of the day. Games and apps will finally be clearly separated from each other in the new App Store. In Messages, Apple makes it easier to access stickers, emojis, and games through a new app drawer. In Apple Music, you can create and share a user profile that allows friends to make recommendations for new music. Maps has expanded to include indoor maps of many airports and shopping centers, as well as road signs for navigation. The news app should automatically find the right articles for the user’s preferences.

Changes under the surface

Among the not immediately visible features of iOS 11 is AirPlay 2, which can now also control loudspeakers and complete audio systems. If the protocol is supported by the devices, songs can be played individually per room or on all loudspeakers. In addition, the volume can be individually controlled for each room. New APIs also allow developers of Augmented Reality apps to access the hardware through standard interfaces. HEVC (H.265) for video and HEIF as a replacement for JPEG are also supported for the first time.

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End users have to wait until 19 September, but for developers in the beta program the final version of iOS 11 is already available. The update via the settings in iOS is now possible. On the basis of this final version, ComputerBase will compile a test of iOS 11 before the new operating system is generally accessible.




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