Facebook is testing instant videos and a mentoring service

Facebook continues to launch, almost nowadays, almost daily, new test functions, to make it more and more accessible to its social network. The latest news relates to videos that are becoming increasingly important, and a mentoring service.

Like many other realities, Facebook also pays much attention to mobile data consumption and tries to fix the problem with Instant Videos. In essence, the videos that will be shown in the user feed will be downloaded when the smartphone is connected to a WiFi network so that they can be viewed at any time without hitching on the mobile connection. As the image below shows, Instant Videos will be recognizable for the lightning icon in a corner.

The test function then takes the Instant Articles of Facebook, extending it to the videos that will upload so almost instantly. Instant Videos are currently being tested by a very small number of users, but it is almost certain that they will soon be available to all users in order to remove barriers to cost and speed in connection with mobility.

The novelty should increase advertising revenue, both for Facebook and video creators, with ads that could be placed in half the clips to maximize both revenue and views.

The second novelty concerns a mentoring service that will put in contact with mentors and students. The purpose of the novelty is to improve the user’s prospects by linking them to people who have common interests, similar education, live relatively close and perform a similar profession.

Facebook therefore seems to think of an evolution towards the world of work, to take advantage of friends with a common school past, friends of friends who can improve their professional career or help users find new jobs.



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