Google protegge con Safe Browsing 3 miliardi di device e diffida dei certificati di Symantec

Security is increasingly deeper to both smartphone manufacturers and users, and in recent years the Google team has announced that the Safe Browsing service now holds over 3 billion devices safely.

We remind you that this is the solution developed by the Mountain View giant to protect Web browsing for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox users on desktop and mobile.

Initially launched as a Google search engine feature, the Safe Browsing service has reached a billion of devices protected in 2013 and 2 billion in May last year.

Remaining in security, Google announced a new initiative to remove trust in Symantec certifications as a result of issues that do not allow the website identification system to function properly.

The issue dates back to 2015, but the main effects were this year, with various Symantec permissions violating industry standards.

As Symantec is aware of the problem, Google claims to have lost confidence in its infrastructure and, consequently, on certificates already issued or in the future: Chrome version 66 (which should be available from April 2018) will remove reliability to the certificates issued by Symantec since June 2016.


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