The European Parliament approves a new free WiFi program

In today’s session, the European Parliament has definitively endorsed the new program for the creation of WiFi (WiFi4EU), free and above all without discriminatory conditions. The funds, which should amount to € 120 million over the next two years, should cover the needs of over 6,000 communities spread “geographically balanced” across the European Union.

The distribution of funds will be based on the order of arrival of requests by local communities. The funds allocated will have to be used to finance the establishment of free WiFi connections in public centers, accessible from outside buildings such as hospitals, libraries, public administrations and the like.

Any form of advertising or personal data collection for commercial purposes should be excluded, and other similar offers, whether public or private, should not be present in the same territory. Finally, access to at least the official languages ​​of the Member State concerned will have to be guaranteed, although the European Union supports support in other official languages.



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