Global sales of smartphones: Huawei passes (temporarily) in front of Apple holiday time

Is the smartphone market on the verge of being upset? Yes and no would be tempted to say. Because if Huawei took the second place of the biggest seller of global smarpthones during the months of June and July, between Samsung and Apple, this should not last with the next release of the new iPhone.

It is impossible to deny the rise of Chinese smartphone manufacturers. According to the consulting firm CounterPoint, during the months of June and July 2017, Huawei took second place among the biggest sellers of global smartphones in the world. Far behind Samsung and its 20% market share, but ahead of an Apple head, the Chinese manufacturer has managed to surpass an actor that was thought unbounded. CounterPoint analysts believe that this second place should be retained by Huawei for the month of August.

However, it should not be kept for very long, for a variety of reasons. The first and most obvious is undoubtedly the fact that Apple will soon announce three new iPhone, which are expected to strongly inflate its sales. The second, and perhaps most surprising, is that this second place proves rather fragile for Huawei.

Huawei sells a lot of smartphones but has difficulty capitalizing on its brand image

CounterPoint points out that if we look at the top 10 smartphones around the world during the month of July, no Huawei device is listed. Apple and its iPhone 7/7 Plus but also its iPhone 6 with 32 GB of internal memory takes the lead, followed by Oppo and its smartphones sold only in Asia, Samsung and its Galaxy S8 and S8 + as well as its middle smartphones the Galaxy J7 Prime and A5 2017. But no trace of a Huawei P10, a Mate 9 or any Honor device.

For CounterPoint, this absence is indicative of Huawei’s weaknesses. If the latter is second, it is because it has numerous ranges of telephones, effective communication and marketing that make it possible to be present in many markets. But it does not have a well-known standard-bearer, which is damaging to the brand image and therefore recognition from the general public. Huawei has released some excellent middle or high-end smartphones (the Huawei P8 lite, the Huawei P10), but these never sell as well as those of Samsung, Sony or Xiaomi.



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