iPhone X and 8 (Plus): iOS 11 Golden Master reveals names and specifications

iPhone X und 8 (Plus): iOS 11 Golden Master verrät Namen und Spezifikationen

At the weekend, the Golden Master of iOS 11 came into the net after 10 beta versions for developers. Apple itself released the final version only after the introduction of new iPhones. With good reason: the final version of iOS 11 confirms many details to iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

The new iPhones hot iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus

This starts with the names of the three models for the year 2017, which have been a secret until recently. The code, however, shows that the new editions of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (test) are not available as an s version, but as iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus on the market and the anniversary model with format-filling OLED display not iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition, but iPhone X will be called. But developers have released iOS 11 many more information about the new iPhones.

2 or 3 GB RAM as with the iPhone 7 (Plus)

So the smaller iPhone 8 with 4.7 inches large display like the predecessor will use 2 GB of memory, while the iPhone 8 Plus with 5.5 inches again will have 3 GB – exactly as the model iPhone X.

The iPhone X is to receive an OLED display with Apple’s True-Tone technology like the current iPad Pro with 12.9, 10.5 and 9.7 inches. The resolution should be 1.125 × 2.436 pixels (iPhone 7 Plus: 1.080 × 1.920 pixels).

Apple A11 Fusion with six cores

All three new iPhones will be put on the SoC Apple A11 Fusion, which puts Apple’s accomplished strategy change to the next level in 2016. The A10 Fusion was the first multi-core SoC with a kind of big-little build for four cores the Apple iPhone, the A11 Fusion is now set to six cores. The new SoC is to use two cores with high performance (“Monsoon”) four cores with lower power and at the same time significantly lower consumption (“Mistral”), the Apple A10 Fusion offered by both classes respectively two. The Apple A10X Fusion in the current iPad Pro provides three fast and three efficient cores.

I have not been able to reveal the number of cameras of each new model, but I have the information that videos in Ultra HD from the main camera on all new models now with 60 FPS and videos in Full HD with 240 FPS (so far 240 FPS at 720p) can be recorded. A new software function is also to be added to the portrait mode (test) available on iPhones with a dual camera. With “Portrait Lighting”, the software soft-drawn background behind the object being shot should fit extensively into the lighting.

This is how Face ID is set up

Finally confirmed by the unofficially distributed Golden Master of iOS 11 also the change from the fingerprint scanner Touch ID to the face scanner Face ID with the iPhone X without Homebutton. To ensure that the user does not accidentally authorize payments with his biometric face print, he will also have to double-click on the on-off switch in the future – which should also be larger for the iPhone X than before.

IOS 11 is also the process by which users can read their face on the iPhone X and obviously on the iPhone 8 (Plus). The function could alternatively be available on the iPhone with Touch ID and not exclusively reserved for the iPhone X.

Can be charged the iPhone X in fact also wireless. In this case, there will be a new 3D animation. In 3D there are also selected Emojis, the Animojis. They should be adapted by the user by transferring their own voice and their own facial impressions. Which features iOS 11 will recognize, the OS can also be found in its own list.

Few questions remain open

For Apple, the unofficial release of the Golden Master by iOS 11 is a serious setback. Many innovations of the iPhones had already been correctly named with certainty almost certainly, never before the rumors were confirmed however before the Keynote on Tuesday at 7:00 pm German time by Apple so clearly.



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