o2: Hotline complaints do not abort

Sky Ticket mit Live Fußball für o2 Kundeno2 Hotline complaints – The problems at the o2 hotline still do not seem to be fully remedied. A statistics from the Federal Network Agency show that customers are still complaining about the availability and the o2 hotline gives rise to the most frequent objections.

o2 Hotline still difficult to reach

In October 2016 the network operator o2 made speeches and caused a lot of discomfort among the customers. The fault was the poor accessibility of the hotline, which could be contacted by many customers only with a very long waiting period, and conversations after this partly ended automatically. o2 promised improvement and wanted to significantly increase capacity by the end of 2016.

But also around a year after the beginning of the problems, the o2 hotline still seems to be a poor accessibility. A letter from the President of the Federal Network Agency, Jochen Homann, shows that the number of complaints continues to be comparatively high, reports the Handelsblatt.

Complaints continue in high number

“The fact that the hotline has not been able to be reached has led to a significant increase in the number of queue complaints”. This year alone, 208 out of 317 complaints from the o2 hotline were considered “exclusively on hold loops, which occurred within the framework of a corresponding contact with the O2 hotline”. However, the network operator with the use of the holding loop did not violate the telecommunications law. “The O2 hotline was therefore not to be criticized from a legal point of view”, says Jochen Homann.

Nevertheless, the supervisory authorities have been in contact with o2, although the competencies of the Federal Network Agency were already exhausted with this finding and “acted on the elimination of the state”. The problems and complaints, especially with regard to the o2 hotline, have now called the Federal Government to plan for a better service quality.



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