Facebook is testing a private profile for intimate friends

It never seems to run out of the number of new features tested by Facebook, the most widely used social networking platform. The latest news was found in the APK file of the latest beta for Android, though it does not work at the moment and it was not possible to find out how it works right.

The test concerns the ability to create a private profile, which would only be visible to intimate friends, most likely defined by a specific page of settings. Currently, some sections of your profile can only be shown to certain people, but the new feature should go further.



At the base of the new profile, there may be a way to separate true friends from Facebook friends, which are sometimes simple, with which we do not want to share certain information. As with all the news that are being tested, private profiles may not become a feature available to everyone, so just wait for the test results to see if it will be useful.




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