What comes to the Apple Event on Tuesday?

In two days it is so far and Apple presents the new lineup. Sure, the focus is entirely on the latest iPhone to the 10-year-old. But it is expected to be much more.

The rumors about the iPhone X (more likely) or iPhone 8 (possibly the name for the usual 7s releases) have already been over since the beginning of the year. Meanwhile much is clear, but a few surprises are still open.

While every second year of Apple has seen an upgrade of the hardware without design changes, the 10th anniversary of the iPhones is of course different. And Apple has so much to catch up. The edges must be gone and even if you expect an OLED display on 5.5-inch for the screen, the jubilee iPhone will therefore be much smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus.

The biggest change will probably be the end of the home button will be the switch from TouchID to FaceID. How sure this could be remains to be seen, previous experience with such systems unfortunately says, this is rather gimmicky. How exactly the navigation on an iPhone runs without a home button, you can, for example, look at the iPad with iOS 11. Gestures and the dock should replace this. Whether this feature is reserved for the iPhone “X”, or a general feature under iOS 11 so far is not known.

Wireless charging is the next big point at which Apple has to catch up and you’re expecting it for all new iPhones, which would mean that they all get a back of glass.

The camera is supposed to create 4K in 60fps and even more Slowmotion in 1080p, ARKit gadgets should decorate it as well as a discreetly better picture quality in general, but this remains to be seen.


For the iPhone 7S generation, no special features are expected in the design and beyond the same stronger A11 processor, which should also be in the anniversary iPhone, it is probably next to wireless charging mainly the camera in the focus, because it was just no development focus.

The Apple Watch should get a quick update this year, which means that there will finally be an LTE variant. When it appears, however, is in the stars, because some analysts do not expect it before 2018. We suspect that a lot will be heard about the new WatchOS, but there will be little change in the design.

Apple TV has to make up for lost ground and there it is, of course, more than obvious that the long announced in the rumored kitchen 4K functions will finally come. HDR would also be a must.


The HomePod. Was there something substantial that we have yet to know about the speaker from Apple? When exactly he will be available and where. But much more is not here in the dark.

The new OS versions of Apple, iOS 11, macOS HighSierra and WatchOS 4 are in the starting holes, with iOS 11 we can count even the day after the presentation.

Is there anything else? We really hope for a little more details about the iMac Pro, but beyond that, other things are completely unclear. The best thing would be for us – almost for nostalgia reasons – a bored MacBook Air, but that is hardly to be expected.




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