1 million players simultaneously: PUBG record also gives Steam new milestone

1 million players simultaneously: PUBG record also gives Steam new milestone

The hype surrounding the Battle Royale Survival Game Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is unbroken. The latest milestone has been reported: the first time PUBG played more than one million players, according to Steam statistics.

PUBG also provides for Steam record with player level

In the current Steam Charts, PUBG ranked first, still clearly ahead of Dota 2, which had already almost 1.3 million simultaneous players on Steam and thus (still) the all-time record holder. Dota 2 is free as a 2-Play title.

The steam platform itself is also setting a new record in PUBG’s wake. At around 13.5 million, the number of concurrent Steam users reached a new peak today.

Just a few days ago Creative Director Brendan Greene aka Playerunknown announced on Twitter that PUBG sold ten million copies. This is because of the fact that the game has only been available on Steam for almost half a year and has not yet left the unfinished early access status even more remarkable.

Battle Royale as the root of success

While PUBG is basically a traditional shooter with a survival character, the gameplay created by Brendan Greene, Battle Royale, is particularly appealing: the playing field is limited in the course of a round to ever-decreasing circular zones. If you are outside the safe zone, you will lose your life energy. Everyone fights against everyone and who has just survived alone or as a team with up to 100 online players, has won the round. It is even possible to win without a shot.

Greene is the creator of the genre Battle Royale, which he created as a mod for the Arma 2 and Arma 3 military shooters. The original idea comes from the Japanese film Battle Royale, respectively the novels of the same name, which lend the genre a name.

Outlook for the next patch

As an early acess title, PUBG is continually being further developed. In addition to various bug fixes with the next version, a new weather type with fog, a new weapon as well as ranking lists for the first-person server move.

PUBG is available on Steam for around 30 Euros.



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