WhatsApp could be used to make ads on Facebook

For some time, it has been about WhatsApp‘s intention to monetize the service offered to its users, a bit like that made by Facebook Messenger and it seems that everything is ready for ads.

Developers, in fact, are testing a new way to allow people to start a conversation on WhatsApp from an ad on Facebook.

This would make it easier for users to get the information they want and at the same time allow advertisers to have a significantly greater impact on their ads.

This new feature, called “Send WhatsApp Message,” was found in the Facebook code and will allow advertisers to contact only users who have previously agreed to undertake a conversation on WhatsApp.

In the intent of the Facebook team seems to be the exclusion of possible abuses by advertisers and the safeguarding of the privacy (as well as the tranquility) of users but in such cases as are so many to fear that within a few weeks the system is being circumvented by the most “smart”.



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