Pokémon GO improves physical and mental health. Researcher’s word

Two independent academic studies argue that playing Pokémon GO could be a great exercise both physical and mental (as long as it is done without abuse).

According to research published by the University of Tokyo on Nature, Pokémon GO players have reported low levels of stress, which could have a positive impact on mental health, especially in the workplace.

In addition, such positive effects could become more and more important as the population with which it suffers increases. In essence, more play, better should be the quality of life of society.

This research follows a previous academic study that also the physical health of those who play Pokémon GO would benefit, as users are driven to walk (or even run) to capture cute little monsters.

It seems, however, that this effect is running out over the months: the laziness of so many users, in fact, is in the end also over Pokémon GO.





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