Press review: what do the US sites of the Galaxy Note 8 think?

With less than 10 days of the release of the Galaxy Note 8, many American sites have already been able to test Samsung’s new smartphone. This is what our English-speaking colleagues think, which for the vast majority are largely convinced by Samsung’s new phone.

At The Verge: “The Best Rating of All Times”

One begins with The Verge, Apple-uncontrollable ophiles who are rarely the first to say they love a Samsung smartphone. Dan Seifert’s test is not surprising. For him, the Galaxy Note 8 is undoubtedly “the best Rating of all time”. It also emphasizes that Samsung thought its new Note above all for fans of very large phones, to the point of harming others.

Galaxy Note fans do not just want a big phone. They want a Galaxy Note that has unusual dimensions, unusual technical features and, of course, a stylus. And after what happened to the Galaxy Note 7, these fans waited a long time for the release of this Note 8. This Galaxy Note was not designed for everyone. It was designed for this kind of fans.

If only for the photos, we advise you to take a look at the test of The Verge. Image credit: The Verge



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