Google is supposed to buy HTC

The Taiwanese newspaper Commercial Times reported that Google is in the final stage of a takeover of the mobile phone manufacturer HTC. It was not until August that HTC offered itself for sale.

HTC has been in crisis for months. Once quite successful, their latest phones grabbed but never the hearts of customers. Various US dealers finally took HTC from the assortment.

Even if the report is just a rumor, Google × HTC might be a clever mix, considering Google’s own handyplays with the pixel. But CNBC rightly asks: Google has already bought Motorola Mobility and sold again after a few years. So why risk it again?

According to Commercial Times, HTC’s financially bad situation and Google’s desire “for perfect integration of software, content, hardware, network, cloud and AI” play a big role. But what about the world?

You can understand this: Google pushes deep into the hardware area. HTC can make good mobile phones – just the research and development department of HTC would be a profit for Google. Especially since it could be cheap, face to face HTC’s bad situation. Although the Google bill could not be as bad as $ 95 billion.




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