HTC: EdgeSense of the U11 gets new features

HTC: Edge Sense des U11 erhält neue Funktionen

HTC extends with an update the functionality of the Edge Sense introduced with the U11 (test). The manufacturer describes the pressure-sensitive frame of his current top smartphone. With the update, short and long presses (squeezes) can now be assigned significantly more functions in more apps.

EdgeSense is designed to facilitate the operation of the smartphone. With the U11 and its pressure-sensitive frame, for example, the camera can be started and triggered quickly. Applications such as Google Assistant can also be accessed faster without having to use the display. In the corresponding section of the U11 ComputerBase test, the feature is explained in detail.

With the new update, HTC takes the next step and reduces the interaction with the display of the smartphone even further by allowing EdgeSense to tap the tap and double tap within apps. Already to the introduction of the U11, HTC had announced that over time the capabilities of EdgeSense should be expanded.

Options for beginners and advanced

Short and long press of the smartphone frame can be assigned to multiple functions in multiple apps. The smartphone settings can be used to manage the “squeeze”. HTC uses the update to create new gestures for six popular apps, but advanced users can create their own settings for other apps. HTC gives a few examples of features that keep up with the update.

Zoom in Google Maps

For example, EdgeSense can be used before the update to switch between the back and front camera of the smartphone. After the update you can quickly switch between the cameras of the Apps of Instagram and Facebook by pressing on the frame. It is also possible to zoom within Google Maps by pressing the phone. If music is playing in the background, it can now be paused and resumed even if the display is switched off. EdgeSense supports this feature in all music apps that are part of Android’s standard for music control.



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