1 & 1 donated 100 euros for number porting

1 & 1 increases surf speed1 & 1 Call forwarding – Interested parties, who decide in the next weeks for a 1 & 1 mobile tariff with a duration of 24 months and bring an existing call number, can secure a one-time credit of € 100.

1 & 1 credit for mobile phone contract

In the onlineshop of 1 & 1, the mobile-phone tariffs are available by the end of January with a bonus credit. This is 100 euros and is granted, if an existing call number to 1 & 1 is taken. This requires the booking of a 1 & 1 mobile contract with a term of 24 months .

The existing telephone number can be ordered alternatively during the course of the ordering process or in the follow-up via the 1 & 1 Control-Center or the customer support under the number 0721/9600. In order to receive the credit note, it is essential that the number porting has been completed by 31 January 2018.

100 euros for number porting

After successful completion of the call number recording 1 & 1 writes the bonus credit of 100 euros on the customer account well. Please note that it is available from the 4th month of the month and can only be used from this date.

In addition, interested parties have the free network selection and can opt for a tariff in the Vodafone network and a tariff in the network of Telefónica. In addition, 1 & 1 promises delivery via Overnight-Express on the next working day, if the order is received by 10 pm or on Saturday until 12 noon. The tariffs can be tested on request for one month.

Under www.1und1.de the action can be booked immediately. It ends on 31 January 2018.



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