More details on RED Hydrogen One, the holographic smartphone of $ 1200

A couple of months ago, RED announced the development of a new modular smartphone featuring a distinctive feature: a holographic display . So far, however, the details in that regard were not many, and Youtuber Marques Brownlee could not provide any additional information because of the arrangements made with the company. Today, we are going to find out more about RED Hydrogen One and its technology.

This comes from collaboration with startup Leia Inc.  (as Star Wars Princess), which is defined as the “leading provider of holographic visualization solutions for mobile devices”, was founded in 2014 and “comes from HP research laboratories. But how does this technology work?

“Leia takes advantage of the latest innovations in design and nano photonics to provide a complete holographic visualization solution for mobile devices through proprietary hardware and software. The Silicon Valley company sells LCD screens that can synthesize holographic content while maintaining normal operation. “

This is not just a software solution, but in order to operate the new technology it requires a particular type of display . It works through the diffraction, producing an illumination with a layer of nanostructures in addition to the normal LCD. Leia argues that this solution does not compromise the quality of the display, the device’s autonomy or its thickness.

Unfortunately, before we can see it in operation we will have to wait again; at the moment we have only two short clips : the first one is a small Leia presentation dating back to 2015 , the second, last May , shows a few seconds of demonstration but without the 3D effect, not visible on normal screens (you can still find it at this address).

The two companies, RED and Leia, will have to work hard to bring Hydrogen One and this holographic technology to the general public. RED argues that ” The Hydrogen program will have amazing holographic content and 3D sound for watching movies, games, social and Mixed Reality .” We hope we can see it soon in action at full capacity.





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