Facebook is testing a feature taken by Tinder

Facebook usually conducts a series of tests with a small number of users to test the functionality of new features before any release to the general public. The latest news tries to connect people through Messenger, resuming somehow a feature seen on Tinder, a commonly used application to make new friends.

Users who received the test received a notification that indicates the presence of a number of contacts with whom they could start a chat. By opening the link attached to the notification, the user is brought to a page that proposes to start a chat with his or her own contact, provided both people agree.

The answer will remain private until both parties have accepted, pressing “No thanks” the question will be closed instantly. A Facebook spokeswoman has confirmed that this is a small test, active in a Toronto and New Zealand area, to drive users to use Facebook and Messenger to plan joint business meetings.

Based on Facebook feedback, Facebook will decide whether to extend the tests, make changes, or simply drop it into the forgotten, as has happened for many other features in the past.



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