Iliad (mobile) is testing its mobile network in numerous Italian locations

There are now a few months left to land in Iliad, Italy, the fourth phone operator who will be able to enter the Italian mobile market following the joint venture between Wind and Three. According to the latest rumors in Italy the operator should use the brand I have. mobile, instead of Free Mobile, which has become famous in France.

For several weeks, many users have noticed the presence of a mobile network running on 3G and 4G without an explicit name but identified by operator code 22250. A simple search means that 222 is the code assigned to Italy while 50 is the one assigned to the mobile operator, in this case to Iliad / ho. mobile.

Reports come from several Italian locations, from Sicily to Veneto some of the regions seem to be interested in the test that will allow the new operator to rely on a sufficiently wide coverage. Have you also spotted a 22250 3G or 4G network? Please report it in the comments box.



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