Ulefone Mix: And even more mix clones


Currently it seems as if there are only two options for a new smartphone from the Chinese forging. Either a mix replica or an S8 replica. Ulefone seems to have finally decided for the former and we have admittedly also a certain preference for this format. Even if the name mix now slowly, nunja, to the ears raushangen.

Although the market here is relatively tight, but after our very good experience recently with the T1 from Ulefone, we have full confidence that their Ulefone Mix should be a really pretty and absolutely everyday smartphone. It is scheduled to be released in mid-September, but anything but a dual-camera smartphone with one of the more powerful Mediatek processors, a lot of memory and RAM would surprise us. Especially since they had announced the F1 ever before, but it was never produced. At that time, however, there was much more border in the “borderless” format in the pictures and one can now guess that they have really reduced a lot, even if the rendering images on such smartphones are usually something – let’s say – flattering.



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