iPhone 8: Will the cheapest cost 1150 euros?


Next Tuesday (at 7 pm), Apple is supposed to introduce its new devices, including the highly anticipated anniversary iPhone, iPhone 8, or X, or whatever.

It was already longer in the discussion, that this smartphone would be a lot more expensive than the previous models and because presumably at the same time yes an iPhone 7s and 7s Plus should be presented, must be created by the model price gap.

One of the main reasons for the previously unachievable price of the iPhone 8 is likely to be the OLED display from Samsung, according to analysts probably already in the purchasing more than 80 dollars more expensive than the previous displays.

So you are currently assuming that the cheapest iPhone 8 with 64GB would cost $ 999, 256GB and 512GB per $ 100 more. Since Apple habitually a lot on the dollar prices for the sale in Germany strikes (among other things because of higher charges) are currently the following prices for the iPhone 8 models in circulation: 1159, 1279 and 1399 euro. This does not sound so unlikely, considering that you can now even buy a diamond black iPhone 7 Plus with 256 euros for 1.119 euros.

Yes, other manufacturers have already announced smartphones with similar screen body ratios (for example, LGs V30, Galaxys Note 8), but they are either not yet available or their price has not yet been determined. But 1000 euros minimum for a flagship is something this autumn, which you have to get used to, the 150 are more for the “hottest” a usual Apple premium.



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