Samsung announces the Galaxy J7 Plus, its new smartphone with dual capteur photo

A few weeks ago, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 8, its first smartphone equipped with a dual photo sensor. It has not waited long before integrating its new technology to another phone, since the Galaxy J7 Plus has just been announced with a sensor more or less similar.

As the name suggests, the Galaxy J7 Plus is not really a new phone. This is indeed a special declination of the Galaxy J7 2017, already released in France during the first half of the year. This version Plus is moreover to resume its design – metal shell, screen of 5.5 inches, sensor of fingerprints in front – but has a technical sheet a little more muscular.

A dual photo sensor to create blur effects

The main difference with the Galaxy J7 is of course its dual photo sensor. Unlike the Galaxy Note 8, it is not a dual 12 MP sensor with an optical zoom × 2 that is found here, but rather a 13 MP main sensor with a large aperture (f / 1.7) shouldered by a second sensor of 5 MP. The latter creates blur effects in the background. A technology now almost banal on the smartphones of 2017.

For the rest, Samsung has expanded the data sheet of its new device. The J7 Plus boasts an octocore processor running at 2.39 GHz, 4 GB of RAM, a 5.5-inch Full HD Super Amoled display and a 3000 mAh battery. A true mid-range smartphone and one of the few to have Always on Display.

For now, the Galaxy J7 Plus has only been announced in Thailand. It costs there 12900 bath, or about 326 euros. It is not known if Samsung plans to release it outside Asia.



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