iPhone 8: Strong delivery delays expected to start sales

iPhone 8: Starke Lieferverzögerungen zum Verkaufsstart erwartet

The OLED display of the iPhone 8 will be in all likelihood not only for an even for Apple conditions unusually high basic price of 1,000 US Dollar care. The new display technology for iPhones is also to be responsible for massive delivery delays to the start of sales, according to the Wall Street Journal.

OLED ensures manufacturing problems

News about upcoming delivery delays of the iPhone 8, which is probably equipped with an almost frameless display, has been circulating for months. Again and again there was talk of production bottlenecks due to the switch from LCD to OLED. A few days before the presentation of this year’s iPhone Topmodel, the Wall Street Journal once again points to the expected tense delivery situation.

Apple and some of the suppliers involved in iPhone 8 are said to have encountered major problems during the manufacturing process. Specifically, it is about the production of the OLED display, for whose production Samsung is responsible.

The OLED display units are reportedly produced by a Samsung subsidiary in Vietnam. Since the production is more difficult than with Samsung’s own smartphones, there were complications in the manufacturing process. Unlike the handsets of the South Korean company, the touch panel of the iPhone is outside the actual display, which makes the production more complicated according to the Wall Street Journal. This had provided for longer manufacturing delays.

Missing touch-ID integration

Obendrein is supposed to have tried for a long time to successfully integrate the fingerprint sensor Touch ID in the display. This also led to the production start being shifted backwards, according to the report.

Since Apple for the iPhone 8 probably for the first time waived a Homebutton in an iPhone model, the question arose about the position of the fingerprint sensor actually installed in said button. In the end, AppleTouch ID is to be sworn and decided for a biometric face scanner as the authentication method of the upcoming iPhone top model.

Apple far behind the production plan

Both the OLED production and the failed touch-ID integration should have shifted the originally planned production start by about one month backwards. Suppliers Foxconn is currently trying to compensate for this, according to the report, with a tight production plan and additional employees as well as possible. Despite all efforts, it could take with Delay-free iPhone 8 deliveries to end customers however until 2018.



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