iPhone 8: Two storage variants, starting at nearly 900 dollars

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iPhone 8 new details – On 12 September, Apple will present new products at this year’s keynote. The Jubilee iPhone, iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition is also expected. According to reports, there will be only two storage variants. The starting price is expected to be close to 900 dollars.

iPhone 8 in two storage variants

Until now it was assumed that the iPhone 8 (iPhone Edition) due to special features at least 1000 euros or dollars will cost. There was also talk of three storage variants.

According to a report by the large bank USB and Business Insider, however, there should be only two storage versions of the anniversary iPhone. According to the report, Apple plans a version with 64 GB of internal memory and another with 128- or 256 GB of memory Gigabyte flash memory.

Price lower than expected

So far, the iPhone 8 (iPhone X or Edition) could be much cheaper. Here the analysts assume that the smartphone with 64 gigabytes of memory “only” will cost about 900 dollars. The larger storage variant then hits over $ 1.00. A previously presumed version with 512 GB of memory should not exist.

The analysts in the Business Insider report justify your statement that Samsung offers its flagship models, such as the Galaxy Note 8, in the US for 930 dollars. That sounds quite realistic, because Apple and also Samsung have similar pricing in your top models. Furthermore, it is assumed that Apple first thinks about prices and only then concentrates on the development of the device. New pictures show Danny Winget in a YouTube video.


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