Blue Allnet Plus tariff with 6 GB for existing customers


Blue Allnet Plus tariff – With the Blau Allnet Plus, the Telefónica brand offers a new tariff, specifically aimed at contract lenders. Included are not only an allnet flat but also 6 GB volume with LTE speeds.

Blue Allnet Plus started

Without a major announcement, Blau has added a new tariff to the range, which has 6 GB of data volume. Unlike the other offers, however, the offer is not aimed at new customers, but primarily for existing customers, who extend their contract by a further 24 months.

The provider has published a corresponding product information sheet on his homepage, further details are given in the updated price list. This also contains the note: “Applies to these tariffs for extensions to the contract in these tariffs and / or extended contracts.”

6 GB LTE volume and Allnet-Flat

The Blue Allnet Plus costs 24.99 euros per month in the Simonly variant and has a minimum contract term of 24 months. The price includes a voice and SMS flat in all German networks as well as a mobile data sheet with 6 GB volume and maximum LTE speeds of 21.6 Mbps. Once the volume limit has been reached, the data rate is throttled to a maximum of 64 Kbit / s at the GPRS level.

It remains to be seen whether the tariff is available on demand for new customers as well. As Blau explicitly states in the price list that the offer is aimed at contract lenders, new customers should adjust to be able to choose only from the standard portfolio. Existing customers should not be afraid in the wake of the extension to talking Plus the Blue Allnet, if there is this interest.



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