Amazon: Two Echo Dots free when buying a HTC U11

Amazon Echo Dot free – prospective customers who opt for a HTC U11 smartphone by the end of November receive two Echo Dot speakers free of charge from Amazon. The price reduction is just under 120 euros.

Amazon Echo Dot free

The HTC U11 is currently the only smartphone that has the Amazon voice control Alexa. To increase the interest in the device, Amazon combines it with the Echo Dot loudspeaker in the onlineshop and adds two of the handy models to the shopping basket.

The HTC U11 is available through the retailer for 670 euros to 680 euros, is waiting with 64GB of storage and is available in the colors Brilliant Black, Sapphire Blue, Amazing Silver, Solar Red and Ice White. The display has a diagonal of 5.5 inches .

Amazon gives discount in the amount of 120 euros

In order to benefit from the action, the desired smartphone has to be put into the shopping cart. Subsequently, the two Echo Dot models have to be selected and added to the shopping cart. the colors are black and white. Amazon rebates with this combination the price of the two loudspeakers to in each case 0 euro . Customers pay only the HTC smartphone.

Pro Echo Dot calls Amazon regular 59.99 euros. Since both models are included free of charge within the scope of the action, the savings are around 120 euros . If you are not interested in the HTC U11, you can participate in another Echo Dot action. When buying three devices , Amazon donates a discount of 30 euros . A dot is thereby reduced from 59.99 euros to 49.99 euros.

Under, the campaign is available until 30 November 2017.



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