Pokémon exchanges and struggles against other coaches: come back to talk about Pokémon GO

On GO Pokémon will come the Pokémon exchanges and struggles against other coaches : this sentence, already heard several times since the launch of the game but never followed by the actual arrival of these capabilities, today takes strength from the words of Tsunekazu Ishihara, none other than the president of The Pokémon Company .

In a Bloomberg interview , Tsunekazu Ishihara claimed that Niantic and the Pokémon brand did not actually make up just 10% of what they had set themselves to do, and that they are going to have to implement basic Pokémon experiences such as exchange and struggles against other coaches.

The last time Niantic had talked about these two expected mods ran in 2016, and given the two other major upgrades expected for the title by the end of the year, many players playing at Pokémon GO might have to wait a little longer to finally swap Pokémon or clash against other players.



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