# IFA2017: Motorola announces the Moto X4, with a neat design and a wide-angle photo sensor for less than 400 euros

Motorola took advantage of IFA 2017 to resurrect its Moto X range. On the program: a mid-range smartphone with a neat design, powerful, with a dual photo-wide angle sensor and above all a price under the bar 400 euros.

The last time Motorola announced a (real) Moto X in France, it was in 2014. The device has not really remained in the memories, unlike its elder, considered a reference of the smartphone of mid-range a few months earlier. For this Moto X4, Motorola (since it is no longer necessary to talk about Lenovo Moto) seems to want to return to this niche of value for money.

Glass and metal for the first time at Motorola

The Moto X4 is a classic 5.2-inch (IPS panel), but neatly designed. Its shell is indeed made of glass – a first on a Motorola device – its metal frame and it has a 2.5 D screen at the front. Its hull, precisely, is slightly curved to better hold in the hand. This is certainly not a revolution in design, but we must admit that it is rather effective and pretty. Motorola also pushed the vice until making his phone totally waterproof (IP 68). Only false note: the double photo sensor goes far beyond the back of the phone.

Under the hood is a technical sheet typical of a good mid-range smartphone. Motorola has integrated a Snapdragon 630, a chip with remarkable performance, 4 GB of RAM and especially 64 GB of internal memory. As for its battery, it displays a capacity of 3000 mAh. Nothing unusual in there.

A double photo sensor promising

The good surprise is the camera of this Moto X4. Motorola has built a dual photo sensor. The first sensor is a typical 12 MP sensor while the second is a 8 MP wide angle sensor. The operation is identical to what is found on high-end smartphones from LG. By pressing the wide-angle button of the application, the 8 MP sensor takes over the 12 MP and displays a much wider field of view, 120 degrees very precisely. The advantages of such a dual sensor are not to be reconsidered, it is, in my opinion, one of the best use of the genre. It remains to see the final quality of the shots taken with this second sensor and especially its ability to cope in low light. One word to finish on the front sensor, it is a sensor of 16 MP.

With the main sensor …



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