Kirin 970: Huawei bets on IA for future Mate 10 processor

With a view to keeping Apple and Samsung high, Huawei unveiled the Kirin 970, the artificial intelligence-based processor that will equip the Mate 10.

While awaiting the conference on October 16th, when Huawei officially presents the Mate 10, the Chinese manufacturer took advantage of the IFA 2017 to unveil the processor that will equip it, the well named Kirin 970. Engraved in 10 nm , compared to 14 nm for the Kirin 960 that equips the Mate 9 and P10 of the brand, this new processor stands out from the competition by embarking an NPU (Neural Processing Unit).

The latter, dedicated to artificial intelligence, will enable the telephone to improve its processing capabilities in terms of image, geolocation and speech recognition. Indeed, the Mate 10 will no longer need to rely on an I.A. located in the Cloud to handle all these tasks. Equipped with four cores at 2.4 GHz and four other cores at 1.8 GHz, this processor should, according to Huawei, allow an energy saving of up to 50% compared to previous versions. Graphics performance would be 20% higher than the Kirin 960.

As was mentioned earlier, Huawei is also looking to improve the photo quality of its future smartphones. Thus, the Kirin 970 is equipped with two ISP (Image Signal Processor) to process the images.



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