Donald Trump has Twitter on his smartphone, but no browser

Donald Trump likes to use Twitter on his smartphone, it’s no secret. What else does he do? Not much, according to the New York Times, the application of the blue bird being the only one installed on its terminal.

A single application

Donald Trump loves tweeting for a long time. Since its registration on the network in 2009, in reality. But when he became president, it quickly became a problem for White House communication officials.

President Trump got to keep his Twitter account, but had to change his smartphone to adopt a modified and secure model. So, Trump has swapped his old Galaxy S3 against an iPhone (model not specified).

The New York Times says the president has only one application installed on his secure smartphone. You guessed it, this is Twitter. It has nothing else, not even a web browser, says the American newspaper. Surprisingly, given that his predecessor Barack Obama also had an iPhone with access to news sites via browser.

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To find out, the president of the United States would rely on his advisers, as well as on television. It’s no secret, Donald Trump is a follower of the ultra conservative Fox News channel. The New York Times is worried that the president does not inform himself (he does not even use PC) and his impulsive behavior on Twitter.

It is legitimate to worry about the bloodshed of the most powerful man in the world on sensitive subjects, such as North Korea, for example.



In any case, it is certain that we are not finished with the peregrinations of the American president on the social network.



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